America Is In Danger

The US Defense Department must be held to account for waging psychological warfare against the American people

Our military, police, and intelligence officials exist to protect us from domestic and international danger, we were all raised to believe. Military, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals are not there to decide what we should think or how we should think. They are there to protect us from those who would try to take away those freedoms.

Public’s reporting shows that top military and intelligence officials and contractors became the enemy of the people. They violated our Constitution by turning sophisticated censorship tools and psychological operations against the American people. The war on terrorism, it’s now clear, became the war on populism after 2016.

Some responded to our reporting by saying that what we reported wasn’t shocking and that we all already knew the government was doing this.

But we didn’t. Neither the Twitter Files nor the Facebook files showed such a direct connection between the US and UK militaries, and censorship and disinformation campaigns targeting the American people.

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