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Baby Overdoses On Fentanyl In Upscale San Francisco Park

Homeless drug scene exists in baseball dugout and bleachers.

San Francisco firefighters revived a 10-month-old baby poisoned by fentanyl while playing at Moscone Park in the upscale Marina District with his nanny on Tuesday.

“Our baby went to the ER today (11/29/22) and barely survived,” wrote the baby’s father, Ivan Matkovic, on Next Door, “because he found and ingested fentanyl while playing at Moscone Park (it’s the one next to Marina middle school).”

Matkovic is a tech executive who lives nearby. He says his nanny called him from the park after his son stopped breathing. Paramedics gave Narcan to the baby and then took him to the hospital where he was monitored for six hours.

Neither the father nor the police know how the baby came into contact with the drug, which is 50-to-100 times more powerful than heroin. However, I discovered a homeless drug scene in the baseball bleachers and dugout about 150 yards from where the poisoning occurred.

Multiple residents, people experiencing homelessness, and drug users testified to widespread fentanyl and meth use. The interviews can be seen in the video above.

Police said that they were investigating and working with park officials to make the park drug-free, but there were no police officers, park officials, or other reporters interviewing the drug users on and around the bleachers, nor did they report having spoken to any.

One homeless man, Kelly, told me on camera that he smoked meth and used to smoke fentanyl. He showed me a large Ziploc bag of foil strips he had collected. They appeared to have been used for smoking fentanyl.

In The Bleachers

Kelly, a homeless man who says he smokes meth and used to smoke fentanyl, holds up a bag of foil strips that had been used to smoke fentanyl. The bleachers are about 150 yards from the site of the overdose in Moscone Park, Marina District, San Francisco.

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Michael Shellenberger