All it would take for Newsom to be recalled is for 50% -1 voters to vote for him to be recalled. If that were to happen he would likely be replaced by Larry Elder, a right-wing Republican, not Kevin Faulconer. Do you really think that would be good for California? Besides, California has a gubernatorial election in November 2022. If you disapprove of the job Newsom has done as governor, vote to replace him in 2022. That's what elections are for. Don't rely on the shortcut of an undemocratic recall process that risks putting a man in the governor's office who may only get 15-20% of the vote.

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Soft on Drugs: Biden Administration to Remove Fentanyl Trafficking Penalties.

A MOVE THAT MAY EMBOLDEN CRIMINALS AND EXACERBATE THE BORDER CRISIS. “The proposal would exclude those FRS that are scheduled by class from certain quantity-based mandatory minimum penalties normally associated with domestic trafficking, and import and export offenses of CSA schedule I compounds,” LaBelle added. https://thedrilldown.com/newsroom/soft-on-drugs-biden-administration-to-remove-fentanyl-trafficking-penalties/

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