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I Confront San Francisco State Senator Scott Wiener For Lying About Drugs & Homelessness

Wiener wants to put illegal drug use sites in neighborhoods across California

Scott Wiener is San Francisco’s sole state Senator, a powerful position in a state with the fourth-largest GDP in the world. Wiener has made no secret of his ambition to one day replace Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives.

It thus came as a shock to me that he would brazenly lie on national television not once but twice. It occurred when the two of us were on Dr. Phil a few weeks ago.

“We don't have safe consumption sites in California,” claimed Wiener. “We don't have them.”

That was a lie, as I pointed out.

I should know. After all, I was the first person, along with my colleagues Leighton Woodhouse and Erica Sandberg, to report on San Francisco’s supervised drug consumption site.

And it was our reporting and protests by our allies, Mothers Against Drug Addiction and Death (MADAD), that not only forced Mayor London Breed to shut it down but also motivated Governor Gavin Newsom to veto Wiener’s bill to spread similar such sites across the state.


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Michael Shellenberger