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Join The Pro-Freedom Resistance

It's time to fight for our rights against the totalitarians

Yesterday we exposed the existence of a secretive and coordinated push by governments across the Western world for censorship. We are still investigating what precisely is behind the simultaneous crackdowns in the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Brazil, but they appear to stem from the backlash last year of President Joe Biden’s proposed “Disinformation Governance Board, which forced censorship efforts abroad. The most dangerous of them is in the EU. If Europeans allow the EU to censor Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, the censorship may become worldwide.

The response to our reporting was overwhelming. We heard from journalists, attorneys, and ordinary citizens in the affected nations who want to join our pro-free speech resistance movement. Many had no idea what their governments were doing. Others, such as Ben Scallon of Gript Media in Ireland, had documented government censorship efforts on covid that were eerily similar to the censorship efforts revealed by the Twitter and Facebook Files.

In response, Public is creating two new networks, Journalists for Freedom and Attorneys for Freedom, which will be global in nature and whose mission will be to document and stop these attacks on our freedom. Email us to join.

We can’t do this alone. We are only a small group of people and lack the funding and people to take this on. We have already teamed up with Matt Taibbi and Racket, which has been extraordinarily helpful to exposing the Censorship Industrial Complex. But it’s not enough.

Think for a moment how much you prize living in a free society. Imagine you lived in a society where you could be arrested for what you said online — or at a dinner party. That’s where we’re headed. How much would you pay to prevent that kind of totalitarianism from emerging in the West? I suspect that you, like many of us, would sacrifice significantly to avoid living in the kind of repressive society that existed under fascism and Communism.

If you have already subscribed, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Environmental Progress, which has created a regularly-updated website to put all of the reporting by Public, Racket, and the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, and others in a single place — and one that will increasingly “name and shame” the totalitarian censors who are trying to take away our freedoms.

Here’s the problem: the censorship Renees aren’t giving up. Every day we are shocked to discover new episodes of censorship. Consider these incredible new findings which we only discovered in the last 48 hours:

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Michael Shellenberger