TELEGRAPH: UK Govt., BBC, And Google-Facebook Secretly Censored

Special investigation spectacularly proves the reality of the Censorship Industrial Complex

I wish we had better news. Governments around the world remain close to passing and enacting laws to drastically curtail the freedom of citizens to express their minds. And in the US, corporate advertisers, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, are punishing Twitter owner Elon Musk for protecting freedom of speech at Twitter.

We are fighting back. From June 22 - 23 in London, Matt Taibbi, Russell Brand, and free speech defenders from around the world will gather in London to launch a new free speech movement.

To be sure, our opponents are strong and united, while we are weak and divided. We have never met the free speech defenders we are meeting around the world. We only know each other through video, emails, and messages. We have never before solicited donations for free speech advocacy and have little money to pay for travel and accommodations for the people flying into London.

But we have something our opponents don’t, which is the love of freedom and a passion to protect and expand it. While the forces of self-censorship and censorship are powerful, large majorities of citizens everywhere in the world want the right to express their views freely and without risk of being censored or otherwise punished.

And now, the mainstream media are finally covering the truth. After months and years of the media and governments lying about their censorship, calling the exceedingly well-documented Censorship Industrial Complex a “conspiracy theory,” mainstream newspapers are starting to cover the truth.

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In blockbuster new reporting based on Freedom of Information requests, The Telegraph of London today reports that the UK government worked with BBC, Google, and Facebook to secretly censor valid criticisms of Covid lockdowns and vaccines for kids.

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Michael Shellenberger