They Want To Keep You Afraid

Here's the good news: it will only work if you let them

Two weeks ango yesterday, Environmental Progress published leaked WPATH Files, which show widespread medical misconduct. Those files resulted in hundreds of news articles around the world. One week later, the National Health Service of England announced a ban on puberty blockers by its clinicians.

The question now turns to how and why Western institutions not only allowed but also facilitated what appears to be the worst medical mistreatment scandal in history. Everyone from the New York Times to the American Medical Association has, for years, relied on WPATH. Neither the Times nor AMA have responded to the WPATH Files, despite growing evidence that "gender medicine" is the largest medical mistreatment scandal in history.

While WPATH Files fully exposed the conspiracy to mistreat children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults, there had long been evidence that something was deeply wrong with “gender-affirming care.”

In 2022, for example, just hours after WPATH released its Standards of Care 8, the organization removed all age limits. “Why were the suggested minimum ages for cross-sex hormones, double mastectomy, breast implants, facial feminization surgery, metoidioplasty, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty, hysterectomy, fronto-orbital remodeling, phalloplasty all removed just a few hours after you published SOC8?” asked Genspect, a human rights organization fighting gender mistreatment, in 2022.

A therapist named James Esses, who was fired from his Master's program for blowing the whistle on gender pseudoscience, tweeted, “The fact that an 8 or 9-year-old could potentially be prescribed puberty blockers is terrifying… It is one of the most shocking indictments of ideology infecting medicine that I have ever come across.”

WPATH President Marci Bowers can be seen in the video below falsely claiming that "WPATH standards of care are... science-based guidelines." In another clip we found, Bowers says puberty blockers are “safe… effective, and based on science,” despite none of those things being true.

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