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"This Is Totalitarianism"

Plus, why Joe Rogan is a national treasure

It’s hard to believe how close America came to losing our freedom of speech. Facebook and Twitter were quickly becoming the main way Americans get their news. And both platforms were increasingly being controlled by current and former intelligence community officials, like former CIA “fellow” Renee DiResta.

It is terrifying to imagine what might have happened had Elon Musk not taken over Twitter and allowed independent journalists to expose the U.S. government’s censorship operation.

Uncovering such a massive and secret operation to censor Americans has been shocking. Over 80 American government officials were involved in censoring Twitter on covid alone.

The censorship industrial complex employs thousands of people in government and nonprofit “cut-outs,” which act as their proxies.

The people who created America wanted to rule themselves. They had lived through the abuses of royal power in Europe. They wanted to be able to say whatever they wanted. What went wrong?

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Michael Shellenberger