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Great Truth in that Shellenberger also Cites Bryce, in that the Real Problem is Renewable $ubsidize$ Follow the $$$$ Cheap Methane??? Renewable Energy is Addiction to Methane 2021 and Methane $$$ Price Spikes so more Pipelines to increase Methane supply = Increased Emissions. Simple Math. Remember the 20 + year of ITC and PTC is Temporary til forever == CHINA#1 Slavery

What threatens the continued operation of nuclear power plants, and nuclear energy in general, is the continued subsidization of renewables, which the Clean Energy Performance Program would have put on steroids. Under the program, utilities would have received $18 for each megawatt-hour of zero-emissions energy it produces between 2023 to 2030, on top of the existing $25 per megawatt-hour subsidy for wind energy.

Under such a scenario, notes energy analyst Robert Bryce, a wind energy company "could earn $43 per megawatt-hour per year for each new megawatt-hour of wind energy it sells. That’s a staggering sum given that the wholesale price of electricity in New York last year was $33 per megawatt-hour. In Texas, the wholesale price of juice was $22 per MWh.”

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