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Why We're Winning

Why Progressives Got Crime So Wrong

Why Black Moderates Awoke The Woke

Why Progressives Defend Drug Dealers

Climate Dogma Killed Biden's "Build Back Better"

Netherlands Goes Nuclear In Massive Atomic Humanist Victory!

Victory! San Francisco Mayor Promises Crackdown on Drug Dealing & Crime

Why Democrats Self-Destruct on Crime

As Violence Arrives in Rich Neighborhoods, Liberals And Ex-Radicals Buy Guns And Mobilize To Oust Progressive D.A.s

A Rave Review and a Request

Why Violent Crime Is Rising

Why Looting Turned San Francisco Into A Ghost Town

The Real Threat to Banks Isn't From Climate Change. It's From Bankers.

San Francisco Homeless Insider Tells All

Why Crime Is Out Of Control in San Francisco

Why Anti-Police Activism Kills

Why We Must Arrest Drug Addicts

Why $6 Billion Won't Solve World Hunger

Why Wokeism Is A Religion

Why Progressives Ruin Democrats

Why John Oliver Is Wrong About Homelessness

Why The Pro-Nuclear Movement Is Winning

How Climate Activists Caused the Global Energy Crisis

If Democrats Really Cared About Climate Change They Would Have Gone Nuclear

Me on Joe Rogan :: In Wash DC Thursday :: In NYC Next week

Why Bad Climate Legislation Is Worse Than No Climate Legislation

Nations Go Nuclear As Prices Spike & Renewables Fail

More Black Americans Died from San Francisco's Drug Experiment in One Year than Died from the Tuskegee Experiment in 40 years

My Moment in the "Spotlight"

Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices Create New Opportunity for Nuclear Energy

Assault On Black Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder Exposes Double-Standard On Race

Whatever Happens In California’s Recall, Larry Elder Proves That, When It Comes to Politics, Ideology Trumps Race

Democrats More Likely To Believe False Information About Climate Change, New Survey Finds 

Why Progressives Ruin Cities

Finally the Media Are Starting to Tell the Truth About California, Drugs, & Homelessness

Why We Must Recall Gavin Newsom

Why They Let Fentanyl Kill Kids

Why Everything We Thought About Drugs Was Wrong

Why I Am Not A Progressive

German Emissions From Electricity Rose 25% In First Half Of 2021 Due To The Lack Of Wind Power, Not Willpower

The Reason We’re So Shocked By Deadly Floods Is Because We’re So Good At Preventing Them

The Reason They Fear Fire As A Violation Of Nature Is Because They’re So Alienated From It

The Real Reason They Blame Heat Deaths, Blackouts, and Forest Fires on Climate Change Is Because They’re Causing Them

The Real Reason Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Failing Is Because It’s Anti-Nuclear

Finally, They Admit Renewables Don't Replace Fossil Fuels

Why Everything They Said About Solar Was Wrong

'The climate movement is a religion'

Why Drug Abuse, Not Climate Change, Is America’s Biggest Problem

Why Environmentalists Cause Climate Change

Why Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Falling Apart

Maybe They're So Quiet About Chinese Solar And Russian Gas Because They’re So Heavily Invested In Them 

China Made Solar Cheap With Coal, Subsidies, And “Slave” Labor — Not Efficiency

Why Progressives Are Changing Their Mind About Nuclear

Finally, The Biden Administration Weighs Sanctions On Chinese Solar “Slavery” Panels

Why Californians Should Be Ashamed Of Ourselves

Why California Governor Gavin Newsom Keeps Making Homelessness Worse

Biden Goes Nuclear In Big Atomic Humanist Victory

Finally They Admit Renewables Are Terrible For The Environment

Why Won’t Environmentalists Denounce Solar Genocide Panels?

Democrats Must Stop Sacrificing Good American Nuclear Jobs For Cheap Chinese Solar Panels