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Senior Editor Sought

Public seeks a senior editor with 10+ years of experience working in major newspapers or magazines, preferably both investigative journalism and feature writing. This person should have a strong understanding and background on many or all of the issues Public reports on, including abuses of power, free speech, energy, the environment, homelessness, crime, and politics. The role consists of requesting revisions, editing, and re-writing text from authors so that it accords with Public’s high journalistic standards and our unique, long-form style.

Public is a growing, subscriber-based newsletter and can offer a competitive salary or high hourly freelance rate, whichever you prefer. We are open to hiring one full-time person or multiple freelancers. Serious applicants only. Please don’t apply if you aren’t extremely familiar with our content, style, and editorial position, and passionate about doing cutting edge journalism. Please send a cover letter, resume, three editing samples of people you have edited, three references, and salary and other work requirements to this email address.