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We're #1, So 50% Off :: Van Gogh Vandals :: Me & Chris Cuomo

Plus: Woke Narcissism :: Come See Me In Person In San Francisco Nov. 12

We’re The #1 Paid Substack On Climate!

I’m grateful and proud to announce that we have become the top paid Substack on climate change! To celebrate, I’m taking 50% off the cost of an annual subscription for the next 72 hours. If you’ve been a free subscriber until now, please consider becoming an annual subscriber at a cost lower than a single Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino per month. And please do it now — the offer will end on Sunday at midnight.

Two lost souls threw tomato soup this morning on an original Van Gogh “Sunflowers” in London. With hundreds of millions of people at risk of dying from cold and hunger due to energy and food shortages, this isn’t green altruism, it’s anti-energy nihilism and climate narcissism. (Watch for yourself in the video above.)


Chris Cuomo Unbound

Also in the video above are some moments from my recent conversation with Chris Cuomo, who has become one of the most thoughtful and open-minded liberals in America since leaving CNN. We discuss nuclear power, climate alarmism, and the future of Western civilization. “The only thing the system can do right now,” he said, “is discredit you because you're a threat.”

Woke Narcissism

Click here to listen to my recent Callin conversation about Woke Narcissism with Leighton Woodhouse, Emmet Penney, J.D. Haltigan, and Anna Khachiyan.


Come See Me in SF on Nov. 12

Finally, I’m delighted to invite you to a special evening of music, conversation, and celebration in San Francisco with the great musician Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons, on November 12 in San Francisco. Please click here to RSVP!


Michael Shellenberger