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Brazilian Judge Pushes Nationalist Conspiracy Theory To Weaponize Federal Police Against Defenders Of Free Speech

Years Of US-UK Military And Intelligence Planning Behind Sweeping Brazil Censorship, Evidence Suggests

Desperation Behind European Politicians’ Latest Russiagate Hoax

POLICE STATE: Cops In Brussels, Belgium Prevent Conservatives From Freely Meeting

We Broke The Censorship Fever In Brazil

Brazil Should Terrify You

Socialist Strategy Behind Brazilian President Lula’s War On Free Speech

The Freedom to Die

Elon Musk Is All That Stands In The Way Of Totalitarianism

Brazil Is On The Brink Of Dictatorship

Government-Funded NGOs, Linked To NATO, Are Interfering In European Elections

This is scary

European Officials Weaponize Intelligence Services To Censor Political Enemies

Bullying, Cowardice, And Careerism Behind BBC Disinformation On Gender

It's All Much Worse Than I Thought

“My Country Is Returning To Totalitarianism,” Warns Daughter Of Legendary Czech Freedom Fighter

“I Was Wrong About Renewables,” Says Former Green Energy Executive

The Narcissism And Psychopathy Of Seizing Trump’s Assets

Governments Are Creating A Fake Hate Panic To Censor, Interfere In Elections, And Imprison Their Political Enemies

They Want To Keep You Afraid

Jeff Kosseff: "Hey, Let's Not Rethink The First Amendment"

It's Witchcraft

"Quack Medicine"

The End Of The Transgender Craze Is Near

Biden Should Follow UK Government Lead And Ban Puberty Blockers

Trudeau Demands Life In Prison For Speech Crimes

Bullying And Cowardice Behind Medicalization Of Gender Distress

The Barbaric Industry of Laboratory Dog Testing

Why I Was Wrong About Trans

The WPATH Files

Adam Candeub: US Government And Stanford Pioneered The Censorship Scheme That Europe May Impose On Us

Prevent One Million Drug Deaths

Biden’s Halt Of New Natural Gas Exports Will Hurt Poor People, Says Ex-Extinction Rebellion Leader

Political Corruption And Taxpayer Money Behind Google Disinformation And Censorship

Google CEO Pledged To Use AI To Counter “Fake News,” Racism, And Populism After Trump Victory

Robert Epstein: How Google Manipulates Us

Cambridge University Climate Scientist Denounces “Climate Emergency” As “Noble Lie”

Chinese Control Over U.S. Oil And Gas At Heart Of Biden Family Influence Peddling, New Whistleblower Reveals

Nihilism And McCarthyism Behind Media’s Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories

FBI And Secret Service Are Covering Up What They Know About January 6 Bomb Scare, Evidence Suggests

Fentanyl Bloodbath Demands Domestic Crackdown On Drug Dealing

FBI Claim That Alleged January 6 Pipe Bomb Was Left At Republican Headquarters Is False, New Evidence Suggests

Obama Partisan Wrote False 2017 Russia Intelligence Assessment, Says Insider

CIA “Cooked The Intelligence” To Hide That Russia Favored Clinton, Not Trump, In 2016, Sources Say

U.S. Government Is Hiding Documents That Incriminate Intelligence Community For Illegal Spying And Election Interference, Say Sources

CIA Had Foreign Allies Spy On Trump Team, Triggering Russia Collusion Hoax, Sources Say

San Francisco Embraces Sobriety

Freddie deBoer: How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement

There's Nothing Wrong with Tucker Interviewing Putin. It's Called Journalism.

Oakland's Chaos is Newsom's Presidential Test

Rob Henderson: Social Class, Elite Virtue Signaling, and "Luxury Beliefs"

Why Republicans and Democrats in Congress Are Working Together to Lift 400,000 Kids out of Poverty

Democrats Spread Russia Collusion Disinformation To Weaponize The FBI

Groups Investigating Death Of Critically Endangered Whale Take Wind Industry Money

The People Trying To Censor Us Are Government Spies

American Fiction’ is a Hilarious Plea to Hollywood to Stop Stereotyping Minorities

FBI, Soros, And Secret Police In Vast Censorship Conspiracy In Brazil

Soros, Facebook, And Omidyar Money Behind Attacks On German Farmers

Monica Harris: When It Came To Race And Sex, Generation X Had It Right

Gary Taubes: Pseudoscientific Dietary Dogma Caused Obesity And Diabetes Disasters

BOMBGATE: This Video Proves FBI Is Covering Up The Truth About The January 6 “Bomb”

NewsGuard Responds To Public

Race-based Affirmative Action Is Dead. But California and Texas Point to a Promising Alternative.

Trudeau Government Used Faked Intelligence To Illegally Frame Protesting Truckers As Violent Extremists

In Early 2020, A Chinese Source Trusted By FBI Said Covid Leaked From Wuhan Lab, Sources Say

US And Chinese Scientists Made Plans To Engineer Coronaviruses Like SARS-CoV-2, New Documents Show

Alex V. Barnard: Why So Many Of The Homeless Are Mentally Ill

FBI And Secret Service Are Covering Up Their Role In Alleged January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Plot, New Evidence Suggests

A Riot Is Not A "Coup"

With Revenues Declining, Corporate Media Demand Substack Censorship

Why the Media Censors Trump

Elite Psychopathology Driving Democrats’ “Soft Coup” Attempt

This Video Can Stop Totalitarianism

This Is The Most Terrifying Graph In The World

The War On Trump Backfired Due To Elite Arrogance, Tribalism, And Disgust

How Democrats Sold Out The Working Class

Ecuador’s Shocking Mafia Violence Threatens To Worsen Border And Migration Crisis

False Claims Of “Insurrection,” Minutes After January 6 Capitol Riot, Suggest Disinformation Plot

Ban Government Involvement In Sex Trafficking

Illegal Levels Of Whale-Killing Pile-Driving Noise By Wind Industry Documented

Anthony Fauci’s Assault on Democracy

Stop Letting China And Mexico Poison Our Children

Censors Are Trying to Trick You Into Thinking Substack Has a "Nazi Problem"

Jeffrey Epstein Ran Sex Blackmail Operation For Intelligence Agencies, New Evidence Suggests

Dehumanizing Anti-Civilization Dogma Behind DEI’s Destruction Of Universities

Class War Behind Harvard’s Embrace Of DEI Race Pseudoscience

It’s Time To Save Civilization From The Pathocratic State