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I Confront San Francisco State Senator Scott Wiener For Lying About Drugs & Homelessness

Dr. Phil & Me On Why Progressives Enable Addiction & Homelessness

Elon And Me On The Twitter Files

Climate Alarmism Behind Christmas Energy Shortages

FBI, Members Of Congress Respond To Twitter Files

FBI Behind Twitter's Censorship Of The Hunter Biden Laptop

Twitter Broke Its Own Rules To Ban Trump While Keeping World Leaders Who "Incited Violence"

FTX Crypto Fraudsters Targeted Poor Black Neighborhoods In PR-Lobbying Effort

Covid Escaped From Lab As Part of U.S. Military Intel Operation, Says Former Senior Scientist For U.S. Government Contractor, EcoHealth

Baby Overdoses On Fentanyl In Upscale San Francisco Park

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Why Biden & Global Elites Are Shamefully Quiet On China

Biden War On Energy Helps China, Saudi, & Venezuelan Dictators

Energy for Humanity

Love Your Civilization

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Worse Than Pyramid Schemes

Biden Caves To Saudis Rather Than Pump More Oil

Crypto Fraud Exposes Woke Capitalism As A Scam

Psychodrama Of The Great Reset

Biden, U.N. Elites Spread Climate Disinformation

Imperialism Of The Apocalypse

The Woke Grift

Democracy Wasn't On the Ballot, Extremism Was

Elites Cheer Climate Narcissists

Biden Shouts "No More Drilling. There is no more drilling!" at New York Rally

Narcissism In Climate & Woke Victim Movements

Media Must Take Responsibility For Greta Climate Panic

Why Elites Like Greta Thunberg Hate Capitalism

Pelosi & Kavanaugh Murder Plots Show Media Double Standard

Pelosi Attack Suspect Was A Psychotic Homeless Addict Estranged From His Pedophile Lover & Their Children

Neighbor Describes Pelosi Attacker Suspect, David DePape

Top Dems Urge Biden To Nationalize Oil & Gas Industry

Fetterman on Fracking

Infantilization Of The Apocalypse

Why Biden Favors Foreign Over American Oil

The Quiet Desperation Of Woke Fanatics

Why The Woke Create The Disasters They Warn Of


We're #1, So 50% Off :: Van Gogh Vandals :: Me & Chris Cuomo

White House "Desperate... Panicking"

Gaslighting On Gas Prices

Dark Side Of Destigmatization

Biden Is Failing The World

Fanaticism Of The Apocalypse

Hurricane Alarmism Debunked

6 Popular Myths Debunked

Biden’s Secret Promise To OPEC Backfires

Media Lying About Climate And Hurricanes

Biden Energy Agenda Creates China Dependence

U.S. Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, Says Former Polish Defense Minister

Disinformation Behind Censorship Demands

Why The War on Energy Threatens Us All

The "Great Reset" Is Real And Wreaking Havoc

Battery Deaths Put Nuclear Safety In Context

Narcissism Of The Apocalypse

Climate Panic Behind Energy Crisis

Battered Wife Syndrome Behind Nuclear Failure

Why Progressives Undermine Civilization

End Of Renewables Craze Is Near

Anti-Energy Nihilism Behind Economic Crisis

Creating The Pro-Nuclear Movement

Biden & Trudeau To Europe: Drop Dead

Biden’s War On Natural Gas Will Kill

How We Saved Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

U.N. War On Fertilizer Began in Sri Lanka

Green Elitism Behind Farmer Crackdowns

Dutch Farmer Gets Emotional

Why We Create The Apocalypse We Fear

Senate Dem Proposal Would Hike Taxes On Lower Incomes

Progressives Let Homeless Get So Ill, They Kill

Ban Chinese Solar Genocide Panels

Manchin Levels Energy Playing Field. Sort Of.

Biden Has "No Energy Plan Past November"

Why The West Is Destroying Itself

Democrats' Inflationary Energy Agenda Killed Climate Bill

Yes, We Can Save German Nukes!

German Government Lied About Nuclear

Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Green Elites

Why Biden Is Putting Us In Danger

Green Dogma Behind Fall Of Sri Lanka

Why Biden Sent American Oil To China

Yes, You CAN Blame Biden For High Energy Prices

Biden & G-7 Push World Into "Nightmare Scenario"

Why California Is On A Knife's Edge

Why Biden Keeps Lying About Energy

Why Biden Is Crashing

Why Biden's Attacks On Energy Are "Absolutely Insane"

Why The Biden Admin Wants Censorship Of Renewable Energy Critics

A Movement Begins Where The Campaign Ends

"The only candidate who has a chance at beating Gavin Newsom"

Three Times More Homeless Die Under "Housing First" than "Shelter First" Policies, Data Show

The 2-minute 20-second video that changes everything

Finally, Gavin Newsom Admits He Can't Govern California

You Pay Super-High Taxes. You Deserve Nice Things. Why Don't You Demand Them?

Why Saving America Starts in California

Why Gavin Newsom's Policies On Covid, Climate, And Crime Hurt Poor People of Color The Most

WSJ: Can Michael Shellenberger Beat Gavin Newsom?

Gavin Newsom Is Blaming Climate Change For The Blackouts He Is Creating

WSJ: "Is This Man Talking California Into Nuclear?"

We Saved Diablo Canyon!

Why Gavin Newsom Is Creating A Water & Energy Disaster

How I Will Become Governor

San Francisco Supervised Drug Use Site Operator Fabricated Data And Then City Officials Lied About It

Sacramento Mass Killing Shows Failure of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Crime Agenda

Why Wishful Liberal Thinking Led to Disasters in Ukraine, Homelessness, And Climate

Why We Will Save California

Elon Musk Goes Nuclear

The West's Green Energy Delusions Empowered Putin

Why Progressives Don't Care For Black Lives

San Francisco's Slow-Motion Suicide

Why Crime Declined In Dallas While Rising Almost Everywhere Else

Insider Warns Of Secret Pro-Drug Plot

Why San Francisco Is Denying Reality

Brazen Drug Dealing & Fentanyl Use Witnessed At Official But Illegal San Francisco Homeless “Linkage Center”

San Francisco Government Is Secretly And Illegally Operating An Illicit Drug Use Site

Why Black & Latino Democrats Are Standing Up To White Progressives On Crime, Drugs, & Homelessness

Why We Can Do It

Why Democrats Make Energy Expensive (And Dirty)

Why Disasters Have Declined

Progressives Threaten San Francisco's Drug Crime Crackdown

Finally, Bloomberg Admits Renewables Mania Caused Energy Shortages

Why Greta's Climate Panic Failed